Uncategorized · December 27, 2019

Rise of the Ancients: Trailer 1, Jen Black-Moir

Who is Jen Black-Moir (Sumina “Sumi” Gracelyn, Elven Ranger), and what is she a nerd about? Rise of the Ancients is a D&D fifth edition actual-play campaign set in Exandria, the world of Matthew Mercer’s Critical Role and using playtest materials from Arcana of the Ancients by Monte Cook Games. Arcana of the Ancients will be released in Spring 2020, and Monte Cook Games has given me an exception to my NDA and permission to include these playtest materials in our podcast.
Arcana of the Ancients preview: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/271672/Arcana-of-the-Ancients-Creatures-and-Cyphers-FREE-PREVIEW
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