Uncategorized · June 26, 2020

ROTA S1E33 – Departures and Arrivals (Part 2/2)

Ten days on the road, and now our heroes have reached the grand city of Emon. Arriving at the Tipsy Grape, they are reunited with Slade Adlam. From there? To the Alabaster Lyceum. Jen Black-Moir (Sumina “Sumi” Graclyne), Amanda Hicks (Azaria Lordes), Corey Hicks (Shell), Patrick McGean (Tarkhan Twinsteel), Meric Moir (DM).
Arcana of the Ancients preview: https://www.montecookgames.com/store/product/arcana-of-the-ancients/
Jasmine Rosa: coffeexedge@gmail.com