Uncategorized · November 1, 2021

S4E11 – Tales from the Loop: Summer Break and Killer Birds (Part 2/2)

The kids are in the thick of the investigation now! After being menaced by talking birds, they tracked them to their big nest and noticed another kid spying on them. After that? The home of Gunnar Granat, a local scientist who is at the center of a series of unsavory events. Players: Roya Grinsted, Sharayah Kruitbosch, Grace Struth, Kaity Witten, Dan Witten, and Jen Moir. GM: Meric Moir.

Sky Hammer Press https://linktr.ee/skyhammerpress

Free League Publishing https://freeleaguepublishing.com/en/

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Intro music by Hayden Lister https://www.reverbnation.com/haydenlister