Uncategorized · November 18, 2020

S3B13 – Star Trek Adventures: A Bird in the Darkness

It has been another six months since we last saw the crew of the USS Singularity. After their mission to the Badlands, Captain Glenys Zo stepped down and took a sabbatical from Starfleet. First Officer Lenaris Los has been promoted to Captain, with new bloods Commander T’Luk and Chief of Security Cuellas Zharath. This bonus episode focuses on content from the newly released Klingon Empire core rulebook for Star Trek Adventures. Thank you Modiphius for the review copy! We open on the USS Singularity responding to reports of a derelict ship in empty spaceā€”a Klingon Bird of Prey. This is the first part of a two-session mini campaign to feature and highlight the Star Trek Adventures Klingon Empire core book by Modiphius Entertainment. Players: Jen Black-Moir, Ross Rideout, Justin McDonald, Melissa Bentz-Phillipchuk, and Ian Phillipchuk.


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