Uncategorized · December 1, 2021

S4E12 – Trail of Cthulhu: Midnight Sub Rosa (Part 1/2)

Get your Necronomicon and magnifying glass out, we’re investigating in the mythos! Trail of Cthulhu is a Gumshoe-system game created by Pelgrane Press. Today, our investigators head to the small town of Rosa, Alabama. There? Horror. Players: Justin Bell, David Hughes, Roya Grinsted, Patrick McGean, and Jen Moir. GM: Meric Moir.

Sky Hammer Press https://linktr.ee/skyhammerpress

Pelgrane Press https://pelgranepress.com/product-category/gumshoe/trail-of-cthulhu/

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Background sounds by Syrinscape syrinscape.com

Intro music by Hayden Lister https://www.reverbnation.com/haydenlister