Uncategorized · November 4, 2022

Cyberpunk RED: Homestead Arc – Wrestling Walk On (S1E08)

Curses! Our session audio was corrupt, and we lost two episodes. Recap: The Edgerunners got paid for the smuggler beat down and then got Hugh Donnely’s location in Night City. They got him and had a huge car chase to leave the city. Now they’re back in Homestead! Big damn show time. Players: Meric Moir, Jen Moir, Tim Lam, Patrick McGean, Melissa Bentz. GM: Ian Phillipchuk. ||| We’re Roll20 Ambassadors! Check out the wonderful virtual tabletop at Roll20.net.



Background sounds by Syrinscape syrinscape.com

Intro music by Mindbender Supreme https://open.spotify.com/artist/7dWPg4rm1RfeT56fO6Xnd1?si=dMB0BA6XRxSlAsIFXann8A